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Hannah Flynn

Hannah has over eight years of experience covering health policy and clinical news and is an expert on the challenges facing healthcare professionals today. Writing for a number of prominent national trade and news titles Hannah's work can be seen in The Guardian, TES, Nursing Standard, Chemist+Druggist, Pharmacy Magazine,, Training Matters, Vice and ArsTecnica. She covers clinical updates and best practice, as well as policy changes that will affect health care professionals, and is available for news desk shifts, feature writing and conference reporting. Online portfolio available at:

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Contact details:

Town: London
Postcode: SE9 3UL
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: Twitter
Telephone: 07879448121
Mobile: 07879448121


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  • Medicine
  • Health and fitness
  • Drugs
  • Sciences
  • Industry
  • Women's issues

Major clients:

  • Nursing Standard
  • Chemist+Druggist
  • TES
  • Pharmacy Magazine
  • Training Matters

Profile last updated: 2018-01-09 12:34:49

Extra information:

As a regular contributor to Chemist+Druggist, Pharmacy Magazine, Nursing Standard and other prominent trade journals, I specialise in news relating to community pharmacy and nursing.

My experience on a number of fast-paced national news desks means I have written about all aspects of the healthcare sector and am as comfortable scrutinising the latest pharmacy minister as I am the latest NICE guidelines on eczema treatment. 

With a little black book full of contacts in the healthcare sector, I have a proven reputation for writing strong news and views about the problems affecting healthcare professionals and their patients. 

I am available for news desk shifts, feature and analysis writing, and conference coverage.

Links to my work:
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This is what it is like to have no internal clock - Tonic, Vice

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What's wrong with homeopathy? - Training Matters Magazine

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