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Francesca Marchese

- I am a London based Sicilian journalist; - I help UK journalists covering stories about Italy and Sicily: current affairs, migration, breaking news, features, food and lifestyle; - I worked as a journalist in Catania, Sicily, for more then a decade: online, TV, radio, magazine, news agencies; - I have a background in PR; - My written Italian has been rated outstanding ("110 e lode, plus special mention"); - I have strong communication skills in English; - I am the founder of the UK community "SicilyCulture"; - I created an online group of Italian journalists. Please get in touch!

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Contact details:

Town: London
Postcode: CR
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: FacebookGoogle+LinkedInTwitter
Mobile: 07549361411


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  • Current affairs
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Arts/entertainment
  • Food and drink
  • Film and theatre
  • Travel/tourism

Major clients:

  • British media outlets
  • BBC
  • Mail On Sunday
  • Buzzfeed

Profile last updated: 2018-02-18 10:43:27

Extra information:

  • Read my articles on:

BBC: Sicilian oranges; Italian referendum;  

DAILY MAIL: Masked gang; Syrian refugees;

MAIL ON SUNDAY: African tannery;

THE GUARDIAN: Cinema Paradiso;

  • I have been writing about Italians abroad for the latest 2 editions of the annual book "Rapporto Italiani nel Mondo" by Fondazione Migrantes (Italian Church). In 2017 I wrote about a chapter about Italian prisoners in the UK, and a chapter about Sicily as a region where expats come from; In 2016 I wrote a chapter about Bengalese people with Italian passport in the UK. 
  • Read interviews to me on:
- BBC: Etna explosion (video);
- REPUBBLICA TV: Oxford Circus panic (video); Italian bengalese community in London (video);
- STUDIO APERTO: Oxford Circus panic (video);
- TV2000: Westminster attack (video);
- MERIDIONEWS:Sicilians abroad;


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Me: I am a London based Sicilian journalist © Francesca Marchese Me: I am a London based Sicilian journalist
I've been living in London for 5 years. I started my career aged 19. I worked in Sicily for more then a decade on TV, online, radio, news agencies, newspapers and magazines. I've a background on PR.
This is me working in Catania, Sicily © Francesca Marchese This is me working in Catania, Sicily
I write about current affairs, lifestyle, food, cinema. I know well the Italian community in London: please ask me info!
This is me working in Catania, Sicily, on a migrant story © Francesca Marchese This is me working in Catania, Sicily, on a migrant story
From London, I help journalists covering breaking news and migrant stories in Sicily and Italy.