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Andrew Wheeler

Andrew's photography covers photojournalism, travel and corporate photography. He works regularly for Bloomberg News, UNESCO, OECD and Nokia. His work has been published in many newspapers, books and magazines around the world. In 2002 his photo of a paralysed man and his wife won first prize in a World Health Organization competition on health and disability. In 2004 he was invited by the Republic of Bashkortostan's UNESCO delegation to make a photoreportage of the Republic. He lives in Paris, France.

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Contact details:

Street: 26 Allée Claude Monet
Town: Marly-le-Roi, Paris
Postcode: 78160
Country: France
Mobile: +33(0)632680642


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  • Current affairs
  • Energy/oil
  • Environment and conservation
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Travel/tourism
  • Business and commerce
  • Religion
  • Technology
  • Politics
  • Industry

Major clients:

  • Bloomberg News
  • Nokia
  • OECD

Profile last updated: 2008-08-29 11:45:54

Extra information:

Andrew began his photographic career as a travel photographer specialising in less visited locations, mainly in Asia in the mid '90s. In 2001 his photography took a more photojournalistic slant, he started covering news events and producing work of a more documentary nature. From 2002 to 2005 he worked at the ASK Images photoagency in Paris as picture researcher and photographer. In 2003, 2005 and 2007 he covered UNESCO's General Conference as official photographer, he was also commissioned to photograph the autonomous republic of Bashkortostan, Russia. Since then he has also branched out into corporate work for organisations like the OECD and companies like Nokia. He is a stringer for Bloomberg news, photographing industrial development, financial and general news. He is currently documenting craftsmen and their work and has an ongoing project photographing Paris street life. In 1998 he won a grant from the Eastern Arts Board in England for the production of promotional material having submitted samples of his travel photography. In 2002 he won first prize in the WHO competition on Health and Disability. His work has been published in books, newspapers and magazines all over the world such as: The Financial Times, The International Herald Tribune, Le Nouvel Observateur, Pélerin Magazine, The Frankfurter Allgemeine, News Magazine, Rhythms Monthly Magazine, Qantara, Insight Guides, Dorling Kindersley guidebooks and many others. He is available for assignments and enjoys traveling in France and abroad.


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Paralysed man and his wife, 1st Prize WHO Contest 2002 © Andrew Wheeler © Andrew Wheeler Paralysed man and his wife, 1st Prize WHO Contest 2002 © Andrew Wheeler
Rejaul Karim, 40 fractured his neck after slipping while carrying a heavy load on his head. He is a day labourer and will not be able to return to his occupation. He should be able to walk with a cane and will receive vocational training to run a small shop in front of his house. His wife Nasma Begum is by his side. CRP's main site, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This photograph won first prize in a photo competition organized by the World Health Organization on the themes of Health and Disability in 2002.
Ama Dablam through prayer flags, Nepal © Andrew Wheeler © Andrew Wheeler Ama Dablam through prayer flags, Nepal © Andrew Wheeler
Ama Dablam seen through prayer flags tied to a bridge, Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal.
Press Conference speech © Andrew Wheeler © Andrew Wheeler Press Conference speech © Andrew Wheeler
The executives of St Gobain address the press during a conference in Paris