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Ian Williams

Author,columnist, broadcaster, feature writer and investigative reporter, Ian writes and broadcasts on politics, business, foreign affairs and almost everything else. His Blog claims "More columns than the Parthenon." He is based in New York but travels extensively. His books include Tequila, A Global History, "Rum" A Social & Sociable History", "Deserter" abt G W Bush's war record, the "UN for Beginners" and the "Alms Trade".

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Street: 780 Riverside Drive #9B
Town: Livingston Manor
Postcode: NY 10032-7
Country: United States
Also find me on: FacebookLinkedInTwittersoundcloud
Telephone: +1917 362 1477
Mobile: +1917 362 1477


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  • Business and commerce
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Current affairs
  • Politics
  • Environment and conservation
  • History
  • Film and theatre
  • Food and drink
  • Religion

Major clients:

  • Guardian
  • Asia Times
  • FTSE Global Markets
  • IR magazine
  • Tribune

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 Ian Williams


Born in Liverpool in 1949, Ian Williams graduated from Liverpool University, despite several years suspension for protests against its investments in South Africa. Consequently, he had a variegated career path, which included a drinking competition with Chinese Premier Chou En Lai and an argument on English Literature with Chiang Ching, aka Mme Mao. 


He has just completed a new edition of the “UN for Beginners.”

He has completed a history of Appleton Estate in Jamaica, and is now working on collection of his own essays on George Orwell, commissioned by Palsgrave MacMillan. 


For the election in the UK 2015, he wrote “Cable Stitch” commissioned by the Communication Workers Union on the former minister Vincent Cable.


In 2015, Reaktion Books published “Tequila: A Global History,” following his acclaimed book “Rum, a social and sociable history of the Real Spirit of 76,” on the forgotten role of rum in world history.


His previous book Deserter was published 2004. His second, The UN For Beginners, was published in 1995.His first, The Alms Trade was published in 1989 and was republished in 2008 by Cosimo Books.


Other books he had chapters in include The Cambridge Companion to George Orwell, Cambridge University Press 2007,  George Orwell into the 21st Century -  2004,Irving Howe & the critics, 2006, The Iraq War, Rick Fawn and Raymond Hinnebusch (eds),  2005 “The UN and Iraq,” a and  a poem, the Rubayat of Alfred J Prufock MBA, in  The KGB Bar Reader.


He writes for business publications such as the Financial Times, Investor Relations Magazine, FTSE Global Markets, China Economic Review etc.


He is the anchor for a syndicated radio program, The Catskill Review of Books, on WJFF FM, and writes essays and reviews for journals ranging from the Common Review (published by the Great Books Foundation, Chicago) to the London Review of Books, the Nation and the New Statesman.


 He frequently writes for academic journals on foreign affairs and the United Nations, most recently for the World Today, (Royal Institute for International Affairs) Vereinte Nationen (Berlin), and World Policy Journal (New York)


 He appears often on radio and TV here and abroad trying to explain American foreign policy.   In addition to writing, he has worked in various capacities for many TV and radio outlets, ABC, CBC, CNN, BBC, ITN CNBC, Fox, RTE, Arabiya and Al-Jazeera, etc. He has appeared on Good Morning America, the O’Reilly Factor, Hardball, Wolf Blitzer, Scarborough Country, Neil Cavuto, Newsnight, Panorama etc. 


In 1985 he won the Liverpool Press Club award for “By-line mania” when he wrote the centerfold for the Baptist Times, since then has proved how much he deserved it by writing for Penthouse and Hustler. He is a frequent contributor to the Guardian's "Comment is Free" section and is regular columnist for George Orwell’s old newspaper, Tribune. His work has recently appeared in the World Today, Asia Times, Caribbean Travel & Life, National Geographic Traveller.


He has also been a regular contributor to the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the European, The Observer, and The Independent for which he was one of the founding writers.


He was twice President and twice Vice President of the United Nations Correspondents Association. He speaks on international affairs and American foreign policy at venues across the world, such as the UN University in Tokyo, Yale, Columbia, NYU, Freedom Forum, Rutgers, Al Maty Kazakh University, Berlin Literature Festival, and Fukuoka University, Japan.




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In Berlin telling Germans why they should not get a permanent seat at UN. © Ian Williams In Berlin telling Germans why they should not get a permanent seat at UN.
I often speak on politics at venues around the world