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Christy Lawrance (Christy Lawrance Communications Ltd)

Editorial and production services. Specialist in life sciences and healthcare, primarily editing peer-reviewed papers. Details of services and clients at I work mainly on B2B/professional magazines and websites. While most of my work involves subediting and production, I oversee the whole process: sourcing and editing words and pictures, layout, author liaison and sending to print/uploading to web. Much of my work involves clarifying specialist text. Public relations services include producing client and staff publications, ghost writing, writing press releases and producing public information. I am experienced in editing text for readers and authors who first language is not English.

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Street: 6 Northview, Tufnell Park Road
Town: London
Postcode: N7 0QB
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: LinkedIn
Mobile: 07940 584 226


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Subeditor or editorRates: Sub-editing
DTP skillRates: Print media
Public RelationsRates: PR
IllustratorRates: Illustration
Online journalismRates: Online/writing
PhotographerRates: Photography
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  • Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Health and fitness
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Local government
  • Law
  • Finance and economics
  • Architecture
  • Business and commerce
  • Property

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Extra information:

Most of my work is for B2B magazines and peer-reviewed life science journals, partlcularly those targeted at human and veterinary healthcare practitioners. I also edit scientific/academic writing to make it accessible to non-specialist readers and students.

As I also edit news, features and editorials, I am familiar with policy issues as well as the clinical side.

I  have my own office, so can provide a flexible service to meet your needs. I work in InDesign.

Examples of my work can be downloaded from my website at

If you fancy a break from work, you can also look at some cartoons, blow up a tower block and do some jigsaw puzzles on the website.

The website was built using Dreamweaver with some HTML coding.

Do get in touch if you'd like to chat about what I do and how I may help you.
Christy Lawrance Communications Limited is registered in England, company number 09232518, registered office: 6 Northview, Tufnell Park Road, London N7 0QB