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Julian Jackson

My specialist area is photography, video and imaging. I write the news items for My work has been published in many specialist photography journals, including recently Digital Photo Pro and the prestigious British Journal of Photography, as well as internet magazines. I publish several eBooks, including The Photobuyer's Handbook. I have a strong interest in Environmental Matters, as well as participating in several green initiatives I write the online ezine Carbon News. I also run training and seminars on photography, picture research, internet marketing and advanced internet research. My websites:

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Contact details:

Street: 12 Reading House
Town: Green Hundred Road
Postcode: SE15 1RS
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: LinkedInPicture Research Courses
Telephone: 020 7635 9720


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Online journalismRates: Online/writing
Electronic publishingRates: Online/editing
Multimedia developerRates: Online/editing
Feature writerRates: Print media
DTP skillRates: Print media
Picture researcherRates: Picture editing
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  • Media
  • Environment and conservation
  • Energy/oil
  • Arts/entertainment
  • Film and theatre
  • Health and fitness
  • Public relations

Major clients:

  • Digital Photo Pro
  • BritishJournal of Photography
  • Stock Index Online
  • Carbon

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Extra information:

Information about Picture Research by Distance Learning Online Course:


Picture Research by Distance Learning - highly regarded course for people who want to learn how to research images but need a flexible course


Julian Jackson, picture research expert and photographer has relaunched his highly-regarded course, Picture Research by Distance Learning. It has been running for ten years successfully at the prestigious Publishing Training Centre, but now is available exclusively from Julian Jackson, the originator of the


This Distance Learning course means that students can learn in their own time and complete it in a manner that suits themselves. The course is modular and has just been updated to reflect the latest conditions in the industry. Students have to complete 5 marked Assignments, which closely resemble real picture research assignments from Julian Jackson's 32 year career in the industry.

Who is it aimed at? Anyone who wants to become a picture researcher, photobuyer or editor, and also people who are working within the stock photography industry who have not had the benefit of formal training.


Andrew J. Bishop, a former student says, "I searched online and found Julian Jackson's course. It was ideal for me and I found it very interesting and challenging. Each assignment was very different and covered each aspect of the industry. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do a course on this subject. I finished the course with a distinction which I was very happy with. "


Normally the course takes about a year to complete successfully. Many students go on to start working within the industry and there is a need for expertly trained picture researchers/photobuyers in this era of modern communications, where images are very important to the content of books, magazines, TV, video and new media.

Julian Jackson says, "I put my whole life and expertise into this course, which I am very proud of. I think it realistically prepares students to be picture researchers. It is the best course of its kind in the world and now is the time to give it greater visibility."

Further information:


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Mugshot of me © Julian Jackson Mugshot of me
Myself in the Tate Gallery cafe
Britannia Bridge © Julian Jackson Britannia Bridge
A monochrome image of Britannia Bridge, one of the great engineering works of Robert Stephenson, between Wales and Anglesey. Photo by Julian Jackson.
Observatory through Trees © Julian Jackson Observatory through Trees
Greenwich Observatory pictured through trees. Photo by Julian Jackson. My art photography is available for sale, mounted and framed.