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Anthony Luzio

I have experience of editing one magazine and five websites that cover various aspects of the engineering sector. I also have experience of editing websites that cover the fashion, interior design and employee benefits markets.

Contact details:

Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 07954637338


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Subeditor or editorRates: Sub-editing
Online journalismRates: Online/writing
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  • Business and commerce
  • Humour
  • Fashion/beauty
  • Building/construction
  • Energy/oil
  • Environment and conservation
  • Technology
  • Transport

Profile last updated: 2010-07-26 15:38:59

Extra information:

Personal statement

I am a fast and anally retentive sub-editor with a remarkable eye for detail. I adapt quickly to new styles of writing and I am good at staying focused while editing stories about subjects I have no interest in. I have been working as a sub for two years now.        

Skills and capabilities 

Capabilities relevant to editing magazines:

Ÿ         Worked as a sub-editor on The Engineer magazine from January 2009 to June 2010

Ÿ         Can sub an A4 page in 40 minutes, cutting it to fit the page and ensuring it is free of errors, widows and orphans

Ÿ         Can comfortably use Quark and InDesign

Ÿ         Experience of proof reading pages edited by other subs

Ÿ         Excellent at writing both descriptive and pun-based headlines 

Capabilities relevant to editing content for websites:

Ÿ         From August 2008 to June 2010, I edited press releases for eight different Pro-Talk websites and edited journalists’ copy for The Engineer website

Ÿ         Working knowledge of four different content-management systems

Ÿ         Working knowledge of HTML

Ÿ         Experience of assembling and sending newsletters, by selecting and loading stories and images onto a template

Ÿ         Extensive experience of writing SEO-optimised headlines and standfirsts  

Other relevant skills and capabilities:

Ÿ         Achieved C-grades in NCTJ-accredited modules in sub-editing, news writing, media law and public affairs. I achieved a B-grade for my portfolio

Ÿ         Scored 59 per cent in my news-writing exam

Ÿ         While I was a student, The People published one of my stories as a double-page spread