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Michael Mayhew-Arnold (Michael)

Michael is a UK qualified barrister wirth a wide range of experience in international affairs, polititcs and the economy and is interested in history . He is also an author.

Contact details:

Street: 162, Southampton Road,
Town: Portsmouth
Postcode: P06 4RY
Region/nation: South East
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: Michael
Telephone: 02392 356 835


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Book writerRates: Print media - writing books
BroadcasterRates: Broadcasting
ColumnistRates: Print media
Book writerRates: Print media - writing books
Feature writerRates: Print media
Public RelationsRates: PR
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  • Arts/entertainment
  • Business and commerce
  • Current affairs
  • European Community
  • Finance and economics
  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • History
  • Industry
  • Law
  • Politics

Major clients:

  • amazing authors
  • Jonathan blain
  • Career pain relief

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